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The Success Center Member Network (SCMN) believes the best way to help someone succeed in life is to follow the Chinese Proverb: "You give a poor (wo)man a fish and you feed her for a day. You teach her to fish and you give her an occupation that will feed her for a lifetime.  

The Success Center Member Network teaches immigrant women how to fish. We help women discover how to be resourceful, independent and confident, so they won't need to rely on anyone to become a success. 

This is called "Thinking Outside The Boss"

These women will rarely go back to being unemployed or a victim of the economy as long as they are able to practice their house cleaning skills within their community. 

The Success Center Member Network is an LLC with each member having one vote and actual ownership rights. 

The cost to join the Success Center Member Network is $100, which is a one-time fee. In order to participate and build a sustainable income, members will need to invest in their own supplies and equipment such as microfiber towels, various cleaning products and a quality vacuum. You will also need transportation and a cell phone capable of receiving texts and emails. 

Once the housekeeper is comfortable handling all aspects of operating their business, they will eventually go out on their own as fully independent women warriors!

Note: The Success Center Member Network partners with Naked Clean, which is a San Diego referral service for house cleaning. The Success Center Member Network is not affiliated with Naked Clean. Naked Clean referral service will often provide the initial and on-going residential cleaning clients to the housekeepers, and if requested, will aid in the communication between the clients and housekeeper who usually do not speak English fluently. 

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If you are an immigrant woman who is interested in joining SCMN, just click on button "I Want To Join."  Once submitted you can usually expect an email or phone call from us letting you know the next step.

Please note: Once you finish the training program, it usually requires 90 days before you are earning a livable full-time income. Leading up to 90 days your income will grow and grow as you gain more and more experience and clients.

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